About us

It all started in the Atlas Mountains….

In November 2017, Thomas Osburg and Martin Kreeb, two professors from a Business School in Munich, spent the day in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They were on a private excursion with a handful of students to learn about sustainable efforts in this north-western country of Africa.

They spent time in Marrakech, in Essaouira at the Atlantic Coast, visited the Ouarzazate Solar Power Station (also: Noor Power Station, picture on the left) at the Southern foothills of the Atlas Mountains and found great simple solutions of saving energy in small villages somewhere in the Atlas Mountains, where they stayed for a couple of nights.

Designing the concept

While enjoying the wonderful tea in a bar just south of Marakech, Thomas and Martin were convinced that they need to do something. 

So many solutions are already there and so few people know or truly understand them. They need to experience it first hand. “We will bring them together” they concluded and founded Sidi Society a few days later.

Inspiring sentences of one of the Intel founder

Don’t be encumbered by history, go off and do something wonderful.

(Rober Noyce, Intel)